Qualcomm Building N

San Diego, CA

For the Qualcomm Building N project, Envelex provided the fully finished, fabricated and sub assembled 17,000 m2 (183,000 ft2) curtain wall in CKD sub assembled form, ready for assembly and glazing at our client’s premises in California.

This very complex curtain wall comprised various wall types of glass, composite panel and white granite, with setbacks and many unique angled corners.

Our client provided the die drawings and shop drawings from which Envelex procured die cutting for the finished extrusions as well as the fabrication drawings, sub-assembly drawings and unit assembly drawings with part lists and bill of materials.

Envelex also procured and fabricated the 3mm (1/8") thick formed aluminium interior closure panels, spandrel back pans and coping panels of the curtain wall.

Crated and sequentially shipped by floor level direct to our client’s facility in California.

Qualcomm Building N is a 15-floor corporate office building within the Qualcomm development in San Diego CA.

32.896201, -117.195772