Envelex Thailand Ltd commenced operations in December 2002, offering a full-range service to the building façade industry. Today’s modern buildings typically incorporates an envelope-type façade cladding referred to as curtain wall.

A curtain wall façade can have a multitude of infill elements, such as glass, aluminium panel, composite panel, stainless steel, natural stone, etc. The majority of today’s curtain walls are shop-assembled unitized systems which are fabricated, assembled and glazed in a controlled environment. The units are then transported to the job site for a sequenced interlocking-type installation, which provides an airtight and watertight façade, capable of the severest of weather conditions, as well as absorbing building sway and movement.

Other features, such as sunshades, vertical or horizontal accents and many others, can be easily attached in a shop environment or on the job site. Envelex can be your partner in making your vision a reality.