About Envelex

Envelex Thailand Ltd opened for business in 2002. From humble beginnings with recurring annual growth and wise investment they are well placed as they enter their sixteenth year of business in 2018. A modern well equipped factory of fully automated CNC equipment provides Envelex with technically advanced fabrication capabilities in the niche market of curtainwall and façade products.

But most importantly are their human capital, their people.

Envelex prides itself on its leadership approach of empowering their employees. Department managers make decisions on their operating strategies and along with the support of executive management can see the results of their implemented ideas. The proof of this leadership strategy can be seen with the stability of their team. Many of Envelex’s core executive level, management level, supervisors and operating personnel have been with the company from its inception. Even through the challenging times of 2008-09 global financial crisis, Envelex maintained in place its full human capital resource.

Corporate social responsibility is an essential responsibility for Envelex with much focus on sustainability through their strict safety and recycling program, environmental awareness through their participation in monthly waste water monitoring checks and energy awareness through their upcoming installation of solar roof panels. This year also sees Envelex donating over 500m2 of glazed window wall and other building materials to a meditation building project north of Bangkok. Along with their annual meditation outings for all staff and family, this truly represents Envelex’s strategy as a stakeholder focused company.

Envelex holds great belief with innovation and change, with a customer-centric approach to today's market and into the future. Status quo and conventional ways are fast being replaced with identifying the future wants and needs of the industry, identifying materials and techniques that improve the performance function, constructability and a comfort level of modern façade practice. Today’s millennial generation are astutely aware of the need for environmentally focused, energy efficient and energy producing building façades.

Envelex holds dearly its authentic approach to the supplier-customer relationship. As an integral part of a global supply chain they recognize the critical component of communication, of open-book clarity and transparency. Special mention must be made of Envelex’s top-tier US curtainwall specialist client, Enclos Corp. This supply relationship has held strong through fifteen years of uninterrupted and continuing cooperation and the mainstay of this success is relationship, trust and response through open communication and dialogue.

Entrepreneurial leadership spurs strength in Envelex’s customer centric philosophy. The upholding of commitment to customer needs is pivotal to Envelex’s success, embracing a customer centric strategy and practicing corporate social responsibility, thus delivering credibility and reputation of Envelex to the global market. The strengths of integrity and trust are the key pivotal tools in Envelex’s customer relationship management strategy.

Recognizing their customer’s wants and needs spurs growth. Visible presence remains a key to success in their external environment, through physical interaction and more so with today’s social media connection at all levels, thus opportunities are strengthened through visibility. A level of entrepreneurial skill is required with assessment and foresight to stay focused on opting for the right projects and delivering them right.

Communicating objectives and goals to all Envelex’s stakeholders demonstrates a modern leadership strategy of open communication with providing a clearly defined vision and where it is going to all of those involved. Envelex firmly believes that the measure of their success in credibility and reputation to their external environment is only as strong as the measure of strength in their internal environment. Envelex leadership cannot achieve its goals without its vitally important human capital.

Envelex is led by Paul Cannon, Managing Director and CEO with over 33 years of curtainwall and façade experience. Pimonrat Thanit Cannon is Director and CFO, overseeing the company BOI portfolio. Graham Brook is a Director with over 45 years of industry experience.

Accreditations and Affiliations

  • ISO 9001:2000 (Certificate № 6713), audited by Moody International (UKAS)
  • ISO 9001:2008 (Certificate № 6713), audited by Moody International (UKAS)
  • Member of the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI)
  • Member of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT)

Preconstruction Services

Envelex provide all assistance through sales and marketing and full estimating and design proposal services to cater for the many variables in modern building façades. Their vast experience can offer many recommendations on value engineering savings. Through carefully considered value engineering exercises to the curtainwall or any façade elements, Envelex can highlight the positives to their client with materials selection and constructability. Envelex has a vast array of global supply contacts to fulfill their customer’s desire for product knowledge in this fast-growing technologically advanced market of curtainwall façades. Envelex’s annual sales and revenue projections are carefully forecast at this preconstruction phase to align with their production planning and annual capacity within practical and comfortable means. The keypoint is to select the right projects and delivering them right. Commitment exceeding capacity can be the downfall of any organization.

Design & Engineering

Envelex has recently opened their city office in Bangkok. This is in response to market demand in providing a full design and engineering service to their global clients for all scopes of curtainwall & façade supply, whether utilizing Envelex’s bespoke curtainwall systems or their customer’s selected curtainwall systems.


Envelex is fully versed in the customer needs of visual mockups and performance testing mockups to meet the aesthetic desire and to prove the structural integrity of the building façade. The performance testing criteria is strictly in accordance with the building's country of location and written specification. A fully certified and appraised testing facility covering all global testing standards is just 30 minutes from Envelex’s plant.

Supply Chain

Envelex has a comprehensive supply chain both domestic and globally to cater for all material requirements for their curtainwall and façade manufacture. Their supply chain is clearly defined through the preconstruction phase so as any potential client understands precisely the source of all materials to meet global market specifications and standards.


Envelex has an array of CNC equipment and specialist fabricating tooling to accurately machine all componentry to globally recognized manufacturing tolerances. Currently Envelex has four assembly and glazing lines to meet customer requirements. There is also an option of additional space to expand the unit output requirement as needed. A separate loading dock facility allows for three 40’ containers to be loaded simultaneously using dock levelers. Every project differs in complexity thus careful planning and scheduling is a pivotal part of our internal function while enabling adherence to the customer's supply schedule.

Quality Control

Envelex provides a well-equipped QA/QC department ensuring compliance to demanding global customer specifications and standards. This is strengthened by their ISO 9001:2008 certification which they have held since 2006. Receiving inspections, in-process inspections and final inspections are all implemented and documented, available to the customer at any time to review and audit. A comprehensive factory quality plan is prepared for every project and submitted to the client for review, comment and approval prior to commencing manufacture.


There is no expense spared with the delivering of valuable curtainwall units from Envelex’s facility to the project site. Fully engineering steel crates, bunks and stillages are utilized throughout. The customer decides on how the units shall be packed, either on edge or flat, and Envelex follows suit. Pre-agreed sequencing enables the customer to receive the units in installation sequence order, thus minimizing valuable time with unloading containers and moving units to their desired location for installation.


Envelex provides back-to-back warranties of all products used in accordance with the manufacturers specific warranties. Envelex also provides workmanship warranties as aligned with the specific market requirements, and those of the customer. Sample warranties are presented up front for clarity and agreement through the pre-construction phase.

Embodied Carbon:
A Strategic Priority

Embodied carbon refers to the carbon emissions attributed to the following key stages in the lifecycle of our façade materials:

  • Extraction and Processing of Raw Materials: The initial phase involves extracting and processing the raw materials used in our façade materials.
  • Manufacturing: This stage covers the carbon emissions generated during the manufacture of our façade materials.
  • Transportation: The emissions resulting from the transportation of our finished façade products to the construction site.

These stages occur prior to the construction phase and the entire lifecycle of a building—from completion, through its operational life, maintenance, refurbishment, and ultimately, demolition and disposal of materials.

As a company, we are committed to fully understanding our carbon footprint and aligning our practices with the industry's sustainability standards. This commitment is crystallized in our Vision 2030, which outlines our comprehensive strategy to address embodied carbon emissions, as part of our effort to maintain sustainability in accordance with the ESG (environmental, social, and governance) principles.

Our Vision 2030 Goals

  • Identify: Accurately assess our current carbon emissions.
  • Benchmark: Align with industry best practices for sustainability.
  • Measure: Track our progress from current levels to our targets.
  • Implement: Activate strategies to achieve our sustainability goals.
  • Sustain: Maintain and improve upon our achievements over time.

In serving the global market as an outsourcing vendor, we recognize the importance of addressing the Cradle to Gate phases—those that occur before a building becomes operational. Our dedication to measuring and mitigating the embodied carbon in these key phases is central to our mission and a critical component of our Vision 2030.

Projects Undertaken

View here for a selection of Envelex projects in the global market.