About Envelex

Founded in December 2002, the Envelex factory and head office are situated in the Phase IV area of Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate in Chon Buri, Thailand. A purpose-built 8,500 m2 facility on 10,000 m2 of land.

Top-of-the-line equipment imported from Germany, Italy, Japan, Taiwan and China is used throughout our facility for aluminium extrusion fabrication and aluminium panel forming.

Elumatec, Tekna, Emmegi CNC machines and programmable, compound cutting double mitre saws, complete with barcode labeling for onward CNC reading and machining, multi head drilling centers, notching saws, automatic feed saws, a full range of MIG welding, TIG welding, plasma cutting, turret mill machining, and Amada pneumatic punching.

The panel forming department utilizes Japanese imported guillotine shears and panel forming equipment, TIG welding and polishing.

Packing and Shipping

Envelex places important emphasis on packing and shipping. After all, why go to all the effort with producing your high quality product, just to have it damaged due to sub standard packing and shipping.

When shipping a sub-assembled, completely knocked-down curtain wall system, all components are clearly labeled at the end of the part for easy identifying within the steel crates. All crates are designated with numbers and floor levels for quick reference to packing lists. All of our shipping crates for aluminium extrusion and panel are fabricated from steel for optimum strength and stability. For the longer vertical extrusions we utilize open top containers for ease of loading and unloading. When shipping glazed components, suitably sized timber framed crates are utilized.


Paul Cannon · Founder, Director and Shareholder

Mr. Cannon brings to the table 25 years of building façade experience in technical, design and project management throughout New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, China, United Kingdom, Netherlands and USA.

Graham Brook · Founder, Director and Shareholder

Mr. Brook brings to the table 45 years of building façade experience in manufacturing and installation management throughout Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, China, United Kingdom and USA.

Pimonrat Thanit Cannon · Founder, Director and Shareholder

Mrs. Thanit Cannon brings to the table 18 years plus of experience in top-end administrative, marketing and finance, and also manages the company’s BOI (Board of Investment) portfolio.

Accreditations and Affiliations

  • ISO 9001: 2000 (Certificate № 6713), audited by Moody International (UKAS)
  • ISO 9001: 2008 (Certificate № 6713), audited by Moody International (UKAS)
  • Member of the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI)
  • Member of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT)